Friday, October 19, 2007

ever wanted to know what year someone is?

well, then here's the list for you. those who say "gone" after their name have left the program. a little birdie told me that...

Tammi Arford
Chase Billingham
Trevor Glode
Marilee Jolin (gone)
J. Matthew Judge
Carlos Ponce (gone)
Riva Milloshi
Vicki Schow

Sean Brown
Amanda Crabb
Jill Eshelman
Andrea Hill
Amy Lubitow
Eric Madfis
Daniela Methe
Lauren Nicoll
Kat Rickenbacker
Leandra Smollin

Camila Azuero (gone)
Justin Betz
Sarah Cope
Kate Moloney
Li Zhou (gone)
Mathew Taylor
Mark Hengen

Henrik Lenard
Paul Saucier
Vincent Ferraro
Linda Christen
Sandra Arevelo
Amie Levesque
Nakeisha Cody

Meghan Finley
Francesca Gilkey
Corina Medley
Ditmar Coffield
Nelly Oliver
Jaronda Miller
Lora Koraoglu

Patricia Morris
Peter Cassino
Marta Rodriguez
Juliana Leypoldt (gone)

Tonn Cao
Stanislav Vysotsky
Mark Melnik


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Troy ____ (2006): gone

Anonymous said...

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