Sunday, December 17, 2006

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Goodman's Sociology for Short Attention-Spans

This is a list of sociological thinkers that was created in jest by Mike Goodman (with some input from Tom Conroy and me). Mike has a way of summarizing articles, books and even entire theories into extremely succinct soundbites. So, whether you need to know this stuff for qualifying exams or if you want to sound intelligent at a party, this list should set you straight.

Karl MarxLife's not fair, let's all share!
Emile DurkheimYou get the ankles, I'll get the wrists.
Max WeberAll work and no play...
Georg SimmelI feel like I am ze Country Mouse in ze Zitty, Ja?
Jurgen HabermasWhy can't we all just get along?
Talcott ParsonsI have a diagram that explains EVERYTHING!
Pierre BourdieuKids, stay in school.
Michel FoucaultEr... donnez-moi le gagball.
Erving GoffmanWhere's that #$@%!! waiter?
Jean BaudrillardReal=fake; life=Disneyland
Robert MertonSometimes things happen for bad reasons and sometimes we can't see the reasons right away.
Herbert BlumerIt's all in your mind.
Louis AlthusserIt's not in your mind.
C. Levi-StraussMyths are cool.
Amitai EtzioniC'mon people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, we've got to love one another right now.
Clifford GeertzOoh, look, a cock fight! How Shakespearean!
Randall Collins(sung) Let me entertain you...
Rational Choice TheoryChoose, or lose.
British Cultural StudiesIt's not so bad to spend time in front of the telly.

If you have any comments, complaints or additions for the list, just let Mike know.

DISCLAIMER: We take NO responsibility for the following:
  • Failed exams as a result of your referring solely to this list for a study guide.
  • Rejected papers as a result of quoting these gems in an attempt to "set up a theoretical framework."
  • Boos and hisses at the ASA meeting for using these gems in your presentations.

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